Annie Hamilton

Caring, holistic physical therapy


The Bowen Technique and Amatsu


Are you in pain or suffering from a discomfort that you know is just ‘not right’?

New or long-standing – is it stopping you from doing what you want to or preventing you from moving freely?

Given the stresses and ‘busyness’ of modern life, pain is often a cry for help from your body and may be a result of various causes. These may be more than just physical, for example they may be influenced by your emotional state, your environment or your lifestyle.

The Bowen Technique


Its gentle nature makes it suitable for all ages.
Remedial and relaxing at the same time.
Time-out to switch off and recharge.

Amatsu Therapy


Soft-tissue therapy.
A whole-body treatment.
Brings you back into balance.

I have been a dedicated physical therapist since 2007 offering two gentle, highly effective methods – The Bowen Technique and Amatsu Therapy.  Both methods offer a real alternative to treat many of the ailments which may lead you to more traditional solutions, such as osteopathy or chiropractic. 

Both look at posture, alignment and tensions throughout your body which may be causing pain and take a whole-body approach to setting you on the road to recovery.

Over the years I have treated many types of discomfort and dysfunction – both acute and long-term. I have a broad client base of all ages, often treating several generations of the same family. After arriving with an acute issue, some clients choose to see me regularly for a physical ‘M.O.T.’ to prevent flare-ups and maintain a sense of balance. Others will get in touch when new lifestyle issues arise.

If you would like to know more do get in touch …the best way to understand my work is to try it!

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